Anti Bacterial Socks


Fresh feelTM anti-bacterial socks

Why your feet are smelly after wearing shoes?


 Sweat dripping from your foot causes growth of bacteria & fungi due to damp & dark conditions inside a shoe. This causes bad odor & blisters on skin of your foot.
Fresh feel Socks made with anti-microbial ions embedded in the yarn using nano technology have been lab tested* and proven to 
  • Eliminate bacteria & fungi on skin of foot inside shoe
  • Prevents bad smell, blisters & irritation on foot
  • Wicks moisture from foot
  • Rejuvenates & improves your foot skin textures & provides freshness


 Tips to take care of foot odor & improving skin texture
  • Wash feet daily with soap and dry them thoroughly
  • Do not wear the same pair of shoes for two days consequently
  • Sometimes wear sandals or open toe shoes to allow your feet to breathe
  • Use good antiperspirant foot powder or cream on your feet
  • Wash your socks regularly & use non chlorine bleach
  • Anti bacterial properties of socks act only as supplement but is not a substitute for standard infection controls & hygienic practices.
*Indian Testing laboratory & research centre.
 ISO 9001: 2008 certified laboratory.