How do I get in touch with your customer service department?

The Shoemade4u customer service department can be reached by calling at our office in Delhi, INDIA Ph: 011-42421027  between the hours of 10:30 am and 6:30 pm, Monday through Saturday

How can I find a dealer in my area?

Click here.  Follow the on screen instructions & enter your city name, state & country. You will be able to locate scanning centre/dealer closest to your area.

How online orders are sent?

Orders are sent via reputed transporter & with a tracking number emailed to you enabling you to track it yourself.

How long does it take to receive an online order?

Online orders are processed and sent within 96 hours from our warehouse at Delhi (NCR) depending on where you are located, estimated delivery time to you is 7-10 business days from purchase date.

Delivery period

Shoemade4u will deliver goods to designated transporter for further routing from our warehouse located at Delhi (NCR) to deliver it to customer within its due date.
Any Delivery dates specified in communication to customer are estimates only & time is not of the essence. All deliveries are subject to modifications or cancellation due to events beyond transporter’s reasonable control, including acts of god & other force majeure events.

Delay or loss of shipment

Under no circumstances shall Shoemade4u be liable for any loss of profit or property, or for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other damages caused by any delay or failure to deliver.
If customer does not receive merchandise for more than three (3) weeks in delivery of merchandise from purchase date, he can notify shoemade4u to cancel the order & ask for full refund by providing requisite detail.

What is warranty policy?

If Shoemade4u is informed & accepts that it erred on the quantity, quality, style, or other aspect regarding the initial shipment of Goods, Shoemade4u will repair or replace any defective Goods provided that written notice of the defect is received by Shoemade4u within seven (7) days of the delivery of these goods.
Upon receipt of non-damaged & unused defective goods with original packing, Shoemade4u will repair or replace it & send it to customer on its own cost within seven (7) days of receiving it. If there is a delay beyond seven (7) days, the customer can request to cancel this sale & demand refund of full amount collected by shoemade4u for this product to him by providing requisite account detail.  Shoemade4u will credit this amount to Customer’s account within seven (7) days.
However, upon receiving this defective product, if Shoemade4u’s inspection reveals damage to product, without original packing, tampered by customer then Shoemade4u can refuse to accept returned goods & inform Customer that there is “No Credit” and such Goods will be immediately dumped in scrap.
If customer requests within three (3) days that specific Goods to be sent back to him then this “No Credit” Goods shall be returned to customer at his own cost.
For complete details see our Warranty

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we can ship our products internationally. However the shipping cost would have to be paid by the buyer.

How do I clean my footwear?

For leather shoes, wipe shoes clean with a dry cloth or a brush. Apply a shoe cream to leather using circular strokes.